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Compression Springs

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Compression Spring

Compression coil spring is usually circular and used to carry out hot or cold coiling for material. It gives tension or compression load on the sprint.
The shape of the end of spring is different from the type of load. The diameter of coil is changed depending upon size.
This type of spring is widely used across the industries into modified cross-sectional type, conical type, hourglass type, cylindrical type and jar type, with post-treatment of grinding, short fitting and surface treatment setting by the option.

Motor, brake, panel bumper, steering mechanism, air cleaner, switch, compressor, distribution, industrial machine, farming machine, heavy equipment

Production Range

  • Wire diameter : Ø0.1~Ø10
  • External diameter : Ø0.15~
  • Length -

Reference Standard

  • KSB2406 - Design Criteria of Compression and Tension Spring
  • KSB2403 - Cold-formed Compression Spring